Ramat Eshkol

4 and a half years and you took Yinon, the corner of his sweet Ramat Eshkol shopping center and decided he wanted to entertain his business all types of population.
He took a small cafe which was located in the far corner of the shopping center in Ramat Eshkol and invested all his strength, he opened a restaurant frosted with emphasis on desserts and adapted it to the pleasant neighborhood, he decided to branch out of his suit everyone and will kashrut most comprehensive he can get, Kosher Rabbi Robin.
After several months of deliberation, decided to open a branch of the network waffle bar, a network that favors professional and courteous service, creating room for a neighborhood atmosphere, warm and luxurious, sweet food with rich and varied menu.
Today, the restaurant is very connected to her neighbors and visitors from around the world flooded following taste and enjoy what that sweet little restaurant to offer.
You are also invited to come and get a taste of wealth and abundance that sweet little corner of this.

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