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“The waffle bar” is one of the leading restaurants in Jerusalem today. It is a Kosher restaurant under the supervision of Rabi Rubin, located at Farn 7, Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem. We are a dairy restaurant with a warm and home-like atmosphere and we offer our customers a wide range of delicious dishes, made out of the freshest and high-quality ingredients.

Meet of famous waffle!

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem, we specialize in making the most delicious Belgium waffles in many different surprisingly tempting and flavours. We make our Belgium waffles with the best materials available, such as our remarkable chocolate spreads.
Here are some delicious and wonderful examples of our special waffles: Ferrero Rosher waffle, halva waffle, cream and apple waffle, banana rum waffles, hot Belgium chocolate waffle, hot caramel waffle and many other yummy waffles all made with our special secret recipe! Try it for yourself and see just how delicious they really are!

About our special coffee

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem, we offer our clientele the best coffee in town. Our coffee is premium with an unforgettable aroma and flavour. At the “Waffle bar,” you are guaranteed to drink an excellent cup of coffee that will give you the energy and strength you need to last you throughout the day. We make all of our coffee with our special blend, from espresso, Turkish coffee, filter coffee and cappuccinos and they are all delicious.

Our menu

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem, we offer an excellent menu with various dishes, all made from the best raw materials available. We promise our clients a unique and one of a kind menu, with a wide range of rich and delicious dishes. Our menu includes Belgium waffles, salads, sweet or salty crepes, Italian bread, spaghetti, pasts all specially made to the highest standard.

Breakfast Menu

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem we offer a very unique breakfast menu to start your morning with the ultimate breakfast treat. We offer a wide range of delicious and satisfying breakfasts, some are typical Israeli dishes and others are from around the world including our premium coffee beans.  We promise to open your day on the right foot that will make sure you come back for more!

Fish Menu

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem, we offer our customers a rich and delicious fish menu. All of the fish we serve is fresh from the sea and cooked in various styles: grilled, baked fried or cooked. We have various salmon dishes, whole fishes on the oven, fish, and chips, fish paella, red tune, mixed fish dishes and much more. All of our dishes are made in a colourful variation of unique and interesting flavours like you have never tasted before.

Sushi Menu

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem, we are well aware that Israelis are true sushi advocates. That is why we offer a wide range of interesting and surprising sushi dishes, made with the freshest ingredients. All of the dishes are made daily in our special sushi kitchen. We are proud to present our wonderful creations from the Japanese kitchen, the best sushi in town.

Catering & Events

At the “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem, we offer our customers an exquisite catering service for events, at the highest standard possible. With a wide range of delicious dishes, both traditional and modern, cooked with the best ingredients available. All of our dishes will be served fresh and invigorating at your event. Let us take care of everything for you on your special day!


The “Waffle bar” in Ramat Eshkol Jerusalem invites you to join our growing member’s club. By joining you will be able to enjoy a wide range of special discounts, coupons, all exclusive to our member’s club. Enrolment includes a standard fee. What are you waiting for? Fill out your details today and become our VIP guest!

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